Coaching, when done well, is a wonderful, freeing, supportive relationship, like few in life.

A skilled coach is 100% committed to your success.  Your coach believes in you… at times even more than you believe in yourself!

Practically speaking, coaching is an opportunity for you to establish goals, develop effective strategies, expose those that aren’t working, and make real-time adjustments as your ministry environment changes.

Great coaching teaches you to coach yourself, so that as time passes, productive attitudes and behaviors become second nature to you, especially during difficult times.

As the coach, I am your advocate.  I encourage you to explore possibilities that you haven’t yet considered, and allow you to do so in an environment that is free from shame.

What Coaching Is Not . . .

Coaching is not therapy, nor is it an adequate substitute for a therapeutic relationship with a trained psychologist.

Coaching is not about the transfer of information from an expert (the coach) to a novice (the client).  In fact, the client is the expert on his or her own life: goals, values, past, etc.  As such, the coach will engage the client with the confidence that God will provide the client with the insights, discoveries, motivation, flexibility, and will power needed to accomplish his or her goals.

My Promise To You . . .

We have a Savior named Jesus, and he is sure to save in all situations.  I promise to look to Jesus with you to provide exactly what is needed in the moment.

I promise to “have your back.”  I will support you, dream with you, explore with you, consider the not-yet-considered with you, and do it in an environment filled with God’s grace.

I promise to walk with you as you traverse the often lonely and dangerous paths of senior leadership.  Together, we will see how Jesus shows up to save you and your congregation over and over again.

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