North American Baptist Church: Bryan Hochhalter

It has been my privilege to participate in a mentoring/coaching/friendship building relationship with Kirk Kirlin for the last eighteen months. During that time, we have met approximately once per month.  In addition to our shared conversations, I’ve observed him constructing new coaching relationships with several other pastors.  This has led to the formation of a small coaching triad which has proven to be a meaningful contribution to the lives and ministries of all involved.

In these exchanges, I’ve observed Kirk to be consistently focused, self-revealing, prayerful, and intent on bringing value to the individuals before him.  He is enthusiastic about helping people discover new skills and a deeper understanding of their potential as a minister and follower of Christ.  He is also a steady force in pushing people into their own stories to discover a deeper understanding of God’s presence and agenda in their past.   He regularly brings an agenda or two along with him in our meetings as a result of pervious conversations, but these are utilized only as opportunity allows.  He prefers to maximize moments rather than violate them with a forced schema.

I enthusiastically recommend Kirk Kirlin as a coach for ministry and personal development.  Of all the experiences and attributes he has to draw on, perhaps the most significant is the potential placed within him by our Heavelny Father.  God continues to use Kirk…and this call will no doubt accompany him into a relationship with you.


Bryan Hochhalter, Lead Pastor                                                                                                                                                            Grace Community Church, Detroit, Michigan                                                                                                                           January 27, 2009