Vineyard Christian Church: Dave Frederick

I have worked with Kirk Kirlin for roughly the last year as a personal and leadership coach.  I first came into contact with him during a church crisis, and have continued to relate to him afterwards.  I have found him to be a tremendous asset and I have grown considerably through my relationship with him.

Kirk brings several strengths to the table.  First is his ability to help someone gain perspective, or “altitude”—the ability to see things differently, or to see a bigger picture.  For someone in leadership, that is invaluable in planning, problem-solving, or dealing with relational issues.

He also brings wisdom – the wisdom of a practitioner, not just an academic.  Kirk has “been there, done that” when it comes to leadership and organizational challenges, and that gives him the ability to deal with real issues and press down to the core, rather than skim the surface in a way that could look good but doesn’t actually address anything.

I have also appreciated Kirk’s approach – rather than simply doling out information, he tends to ask questions – good questions, that kind that make you think, and enable you to come to your own conclusions, from a process of seeing things from several sides and not settling for simplistic answers.

Finally, Kirk has been a friend.  He has walked with me through some difficult situations, and I have always felt his care for me as a person.  That care led him to speak “truth” to me at times, or to ask challenging questions, but I always felt a heart of compassion behind it.  It was always clear that he wanted God’s best for me, and I have appreciated that deeply.

Kirk is someone with practical wisdom, a healthy approach, and a caring heart.  I recommend him without reservation both as a personal coach and a church consultant.


Dave Frederick, Pastor                                                                                                                                                                      Vineyard Church of DuPage, Carrol Stream, Illinois                                                                                                           February 13, 2009