Change dynamics

The Long View (part two)

We’re considering the importance of sustained commitment; commitment to vision borne of God though impossible to be actualized in the here and now. Our example is the Duomo di Firenze: an architect’s vision of a majestic cathedral with a dome so immense that it could not have been built when he conceived it. At 142 […]

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Undermine the 80/20 Rule (part two)

Leadership Courage Series # 23 We’re looking at another characteristic of the culture of cowardice that’s become normative in North American Christianity: the 80/20 Rule is flourishing!  As senior pastor, elder, or lay leader, what can you do to Undermine the 80/20 Rule in your congregation? One: Think like a people-developer, not a gatherer of

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Leadership Courage Series #18:

Leadership in a Culture of Cowardice (part nine) Examining courageous leadership, a fifth principal is: Don’t “push on the rope”: the unmotivated are invulnerable to insight.  Watching ministers lead for more than thirty years, it’s breathtaking how diligently and fruitlessly so many of us labor to lead those who are least-motivated to follow. No wonder

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