Presbyterian Church USA: Chris Logan

About two years ago I became associated with Kirk Kirlin while participating in CRM reFocusing Process.  When I heard about their mission to help churches become more focused in their sharing of the gospel, I was very interested.  Integral to the process was individual coaching of each pastor by Kirk.

The coaching proved to be very helpful, as he would help me to implement and apply what I was learning. Through this coaching experience I was reminded of the importance of having someone keep me accountable in love, and prod me forward in both ministry and personal goals.

Kirk has a very personal, yet challenging way about him. He is willing to put the hard question out there, knowing that one way we become unfocused is to overlook our faults and weaknesses. I appreciated how Kirk was there to support me, and help me to become a better person and minister.

I highly recommend Kirk as a coach for anyone who is committed to move forward for the Lord.

In His Service,

Chris Logan, Pastor                                                                                                                                                                       Community Presbyterian Church,  Long Beach, California                                                                                                         July 5, 2007