OLD – Coaches help people reach their potential.

I walk with pastors and help them gain clarity, courage, and confidence to lead at their best.

What other leaders are saying …

“Kirk has preserved a safe place of learning important enough to me—in the busyness and brokenness of the world—that I want to develop coaching skills and gifts.” — Dr. John E. Griswold, Hollywood Hills United Methodist Church

“… one of Kirk’s strongest attributes as a coach is his ability to listen. His true desire is to see each person he works with grow, and he understands that each of us is very different. So, he listens to the words we say and the emotion with which we say them. Then, when the time is right, he speaks with understanding and wisdom… I have grown, and become much more successful both in my personal life and in my craft as a minister.”  – Lee Schrebeck, Riverside Free Methodist Church