Presbyterian Church USA: James Wilson

I have had the great privilege of knowing Kirk Kirlin for over two years.  He was introduced to me by a mutual friend who was aware of my desire to find a good coach who could help me develop my leadership skills.

For several months I prayed for help leading a church in transition from maintenance mode to deliberate missionality.   God answered that prayer in a person, Kirk.  He introduced himself as a person called to help pastors lead missional churches.  What a coincidence!

We began a coaching relationship in the Summer of 2005.  Kirk has been a very effective coach for a number of reasons.  One is that he has consistently expressed and demonstrated his unconditional love for me.  He operates out of this posture of love for me and seeking my best interest.  To do so, Kirk has been willing and effective in challenging and prompting me to step out of my comfort zone and take the steps needed in order for me to become more effective.

Kirk has made a point to understand me and how I tend to respond to various challenges.  Because he connects well, he has been able to press into me in such a way that I can receive his pressing.  That is, I am confident that he is poking me in the ribs – figuratively – but doing so out of love and out of knowing that I need that kind of prodding.  I think this is an intuitive quality he has that is informed and used by the Spirit of God.

Would I recommend Kirk to serve as a leadership coach?  Very definitely.  I have grown to love and appreciate him for all the ways he offers help, challenge, and direction that enables me to lay hold of what God is bringing about in me.  Kirk is a trusted coach, a valued friend, a gifted and capable leader, and a very sincere, open, approachable person.  These all add up to his being a very good coach.


 James R. Wilson, Pastor                                                                                                                                                                           Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church,  Los Alamitos, CA                                                                                                           June 25, 2007