World Team- Jason & Lindsey Kliewer

Recently, my wife and I were in the midst of an incredibly difficult stage of our lives, filled with stress, uncertainty, and confusion. We were praying for guidance when a trusted pastor and friend recommended we hire Kirk Kirlin to walk alongside us to help bring clarity and peace. We had never worked with a coach before, and were excited but skeptical that we would make much progress in finding clarity.

As Kirk journeyed with us, our eyes were quickly opened to a more accurate perspective on our situation and a more clear understanding of ourselves. Through a variety of activities, assignments, and brutally honest conversations, we explored our past, present, and potential future.

It was difficult, even scary work.  Gradually the fog lifted and we were able to discern, with unexpected confidence, which path was the healthiest for us, and our family.  We discovered that many of our past decisions had been made out of fear.  Others were the product of living on “auto-pilot,” so to speak.

We’d been asleep at the wheel.

Kirk helped awaken us.

We are taking back ownership of our lives and decisions, and are learning to live “all-in.” Through this process we are finding freedom to relate more authentically to God and ourselves. We are finding freedom to follow God instead of following the path of safety and comfort.

Kirk graciously and honestly speaks truth, wisdom, and inspiration in a way that can only be done by someone who has walked a difficult road himself. He is a caring and gifted shepherd who challenges, affirms, and wants God’s best for you.

If you are searching, struggling, or tired of living half-asleep, we highly recommend inviting Kirk to be a voice in your conversation! It will not be easy, but it will leave you refined, awake, and alive!

Jason & Linsdey Kliewer, Church Planters, World Team                               February 22, 2010