Long Beach Christian Fellowship: Brandon Cook

I have no doubt that God placed Kirk Kirlin in my life and the life of our congregation at the perfect time and with a great plan in mind.  As my coach, he has encouraged me, challenged me, and championed me.

What a rare combination to find someone who will has the courage and passion to have the fierce and needed conversations that bring life and yet is full of compassion and encouragement.  It is, quite honestly, a combination of gifts I have never seen before; Kirk is one of the most talented and passionate people (let alone coaches) that I have ever met.  And I am clear that Kirk will do whatever he can to support me and see me thrive in the plans that God is speaking over me.

What a gift.

Kirk has coached me in such a way that within me is a new wave of vision, passion, and courage.  As a leader, I am now clear that courage–the willingness to stand for the vision God is speaking–is what leadership is all about.  I have seen that God wants me to play the biggest game possible and not settle for anything less.

I can now say that I believe our congregation is truly on the path that God has for us. It’s challenging and there are many miles to go, but it is an exhilarating feeling to sense that something great is afoot.  Kirk has been a huge piece of God’s provision to move me forward as a leader and to move our congregation towards His plan for us and through us.

Brandon Cook, Senior Pastor                                                                             Long Beach Christian Fellowship, Long Beach, CA                                        August 2012

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