Repentance that Lasts a Lifetime (part one)

I thank God for the gift of repentance. For the provision in the atonement, of forgiveness, cleansing, and restoration of relationship when I do.  What’s troubled me, though, is how often I seem to be “returning to the well”: asking forgiveness over and over again for the same things. What about you? Since “repentance” means

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The seedbed of envy

I remember it well.  Helping with a character development workshop in Grand Rapids, my trainer, Lawrence Edwards, made this startling observation: Comparison is the seedbed of envy.  Huh? Envy – that ugly, distasteful character defect that fuels pettiness, judgments, isolation, and division – grows in the soil of comparison? I never thought about that before…

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Leadership Courage Series

#4: The Responsibility Riddle QUESTION:  Pastor, who is responsible for your spiritual maturity and vitality? ANSWER:  I am, of course! Ok, fine.  Now answer this… QUESTION: Pastor, who is responsible for the spiritual maturity and vitality of your congregation? ANSWER:  Again, I am! Really?  Are you sure? If you are responsible for your congregation’s spiritual

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