MOPS International: Naomi Cramer Overton

Thank you for being a coach: “Someone who works with you to become who you always wanted to be, by taking you where you never wanted to go.”

Indeed, you took our team toward who we want to be, individually and together, by taking us through excellent content and life-altering perceptions that help us walk toward the future we want from the present we had created, sometimes unknowingly.

I cannot commend you and David Zimmerman highly enough for the expertise that you each brought to our team. But, more importantly, I commend you for your integrity in having opened yourselves to living out the principles that made the content ring true.

Finally, you brought us the best gift of all: You came, remained, and continued to be “for” us–individually and as a team; that showed in everything you did.

Naomi Cramer Overton,                                                                           President and CEO                                                                                     MOPS International, Denver, Colorado                                                       April 2010