Free Methodist Church: Dan Bishop

I am writing on behalf of Kirk Kirlin of Church Resource Ministries, and wish to heartily endorse him as coach and mentor, teacher and learner, creative thinker and inspirational challenger, and as confidant and friend.  Kirk is one of those unique individuals that you find yourself just wanting to spend time with because you know that something special will happen when you do.

I have known Kirk since January of 2008 and have been deeply moved by his sincerity, devotion to God, passion for the Kingdom and unbridled heart for the lost. I will admit that as a coach and mentor there are times he has “driven me nuts” all for the sake of the Kingdom.  He pushes to the limit, challenges beyond the norm and invites people to consider options which, up to this point, may not have been considered.  Although one might feel intimidated by this man because of his knowledge, experience, and position, I have learned that the best way to engage his heart and mind is to be very authentic and open with him; to challenge his thinking and learn with him.

As a teacher and learner, this man is the best.  In the classroom setting, he uses such a variety of methods to engage pupils that they are driven to stay engaged for the entire session.  He has great life-experience, a vast wealth of knowledge, and a wonderful ability to think quickly on his feet.  This enables him to respond to the student in a timely fashion.  And when times of confusion come, or when he might simply “miss the mark” with his students; Kirk is curious enough to stop, evaluate, and seek ways to re-engage by becoming a learner with his students.  My sense is that he may often go away feeling as though he learned more than what he gave.

As a creative thinker and inspirational challenger, whew!  Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with him.  He works very hard to stay present in his coaching sessions and rarely brings up personal things unless he is responding to a question by his client.  Kirk will admit when he is having trouble understanding and following the dialogue.  Kirk is very clear about the goal for his coaching sessions and actively seeks ways to encourage me as his friend.

And finally, as a confidant and friend, Kirk is easy to talk to, reassuring of his love and care, and looks for ways to be serious, yet keep things “light” because the subject matter he often deals with are very deep.  I find myself trusting him with more than I anticipated as well as admiring him for his transparency and willingness to go places many Christians avoid.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to call.  The reFocusing process is not easy, but it is worth it.  It is not fun, but contains so many joyous discoveries.  It is not a good theological argument, but one sure learns much about God, his character, and his passion for us and the world.  And finally, it is not for weaklings, but for those who desire to become strong!

May God bless you in your decision regarding this incredible opportunity.


Dan Bishop, Pastor                                                                                                                                                                                     Riverside Free Methodist Church, Riverside, California                                                                                                    February 2009