MOPS International: Carla Foote

I benefited from a professional coaching relationship with Kirk Kirlin that spanned more than a year. When I sought out coaching, I was in a senior leadership position for an international organization in transition. I was looking for tools to be more effective in my role.

The coaching certainly provided tools to be more effective as a leader.  The benefits, however, went far beyond what I expected when I initially began the coaching relationship. Not only was I able to lead my team more effectively, but I learned a great deal about my own patterns, motivations, strengths and weaknesses.

Learning more about myself was valuable, but the benefit of coaching goes beyond knowledge. I was pushed (in a good way) to put my knowledge into action with decisions about how I was going to move forward in my leadership and not remain stuck in ingrained patterns.

The coaching relationship and learning also empowered me to make decisions about the trajectory of my career and how I want to use my unique combination of gifts and abilities in this season of life.

I am a better steward of the person God created me to be because of the learning from my coaching relationship.

Carla Foote, Executive Editor and Publishing Manager

MOPS International. Denver, Colorado

July 2012

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