Crosslife Ministries: Ken Kenerly

Kirk Kirlin’s professional coaching has been monumental.  I became acquainted with Kirk during a season of frustration and uncertainty. The coaching has been invaluable in the process of searching out and discovering God’s will for my future.

Kirk is an encourager.  He reminded me who I am and the specific call God has placed on my life.  He spoke life to me and built me up in the Lord.  I was continually encouraged when the temptations came for discouragement.  His guiding hand was a constant source of blessing.

He has a unique ability to help me sort through facts and see truth.  This ability to see clearly helped me remain patient and curious through a series of trying circumstances.   The result was a clear focus.

There is an aspect of transformation that is uncomfortable.  Kirk directly and delicately probes, and then gives time to respond to the work the Holy Spirit is trying to accomplish in my heart.  My eyes were opened to areas where I needed to grow.  He was patient, gently challenging me to persevere.  During this growth, I was ever confident of Kirk’s care and commitment to my success.

Kirk challenged my leadership and helped me achieve a more balanced approach to decision making.  I am a better leader, decision maker, listener, and even a better husband and father because of Kirk’s influence in my life.  His coaching lends a safe place for me to evolve into the best leader I can be.

Through the coaching, I experienced a renewed hope for my calling and I gained a focused understanding of my goals in future ministry.  Without hesitation, I recommend Kirk Kirlin and his services.


Ken Kenerly                                                                                       Pastor and Inspirational Speaker                                                               Crosslife Ministries, Inc.                                                                         Braselton, Georgia                                                                                     April 16, 2011