The Invitation (part two)

I’ve invited you to consider that, regardless of your personality, you are an invitation. All day every day, you invite … something. To discover what you invite, notice what keeps coming your way. Why would you want to know?  If you’re not intentional about it, you’re likely inviting what you don’t even want. I coach

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Playing to Win! (part two)

We’re examining leadership coaching distinctions that I employ when coaching pastors and Christian leaders.  Last time, I suggested that the client’s perspective determines what they see as possible and impossible as they search for solutions to pernicious problems. One common perspective is “playing to win” vs. “playing not to lose”. Pastors commonly cycle between “playing

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Stealing Second (part three)

This is the 19th entry in a series on Coaching Distinctions.  I’m inviting you into some of the strategies and perspectives I employ as I champion my clients to achieve extraordinary results—not just while we’re working together, but for the rest of their lives. As a coach, I’m not in the help-you-solve-your-problems business.  Nope. I’m

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Committed Action (part three)

Imagine the impact on the United States if Christians here were known – first of all — for being people of action.  Caution: activity does not equal effectiveness. Many Christians and churches are busy, busy, busy:  elders meetings, fellowships, teas, seminars, bible studies, retreats, revivals, accountability groups, small groups, home groups, growth groups, recovery groups…

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Throwing my Body into the Middle of the Room (part two)

Last time, I introduced the phrase: Throw your body into the middle of the room and see what God does with it.  Let me clarify. When you’re surprised by life and find yourself frozen in uncertainty, the pervading impulse is to stop. Ponder. Evaluate. Assess. Trouble is, often life’s reality won’t give you the luxury

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