“Presenting” the Gospel

Our job as Christians isn’t so much to present the Gospel, but to “presence” it among and for the benefit of those outside the Church.  –Kirk Kirlin, Novo Mission’s Activated Team, author of “Leadership Courage.”#ChurchOnMission #MissionalPathway #reFocusing #NovoMission #leadership #discipleship 

Regarding self-esteem…

“The antidote to low self-esteem is to live a life that you, yourself, esteem.” -Kirk Kirlin, Novo Mission’s Activated Team, author of Leadership Courage. 

In distress?

Do you find yourself caught in crisis, difficulty, confusion, disillusionment, or pain? Cheer up. God’s trying to make a Christian out of you! [Romans 8:29]  -Kirk Kirlin, Novo Mission’s Activated Team, author of “Leadership Courage.” 

Wisdom from Lincoln…

In any relationship, when one party over-functions, that over-functioning invites every other party to under-function. Which they delightedly do! -Kirk Kirlin, Novo Mission’s Activated Team, author of “Leadership Courage.”  

The keys to your ministry…

Pastor, never hand the “keys” to your ministry to someone who lacks the stomach to live, all-in, for the Kingdom of God! -Kirk Kirlin, Novo’s Activated Team, author of “Leadership Courage.”   

God of Mission…

“It is not the Church of God that has a mission in the world, but the God of mission who has a church in the world.” –Tim Dearborn, World Vision  from Novo Mission Activated Team’s “Missional Pathway” process.

Being CLEAR as a Leader

As a leader, the clearer you are (about what you stand for, your values, and where you’re headed), the clearer people around you become. Yet, we don’t always like what that clarity reveals, because once you’re clear, several will decide they’re no longer willing to walk with you.   –from the book “Leadership Courage” by Kirk Kirlin, Novo …

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The Gospel, demonstrated

People outside the Church think they know what Christians stand for—and want nothing to do with it! Our task is to demonstrate Christ so generously and consistently ‘til people become curious. –Kirk Kirlin, Novo Mission’s Activated Team 

Leadership is…

One way to think about leadership is this: Leadership is the visible employment of courage in a way that changes people. –from the book Leadership Courage by Kirk Kirlin, Novo Mission’s Activated Team

Being True

What if we who are Christian were as committed to being true as we are to proclaiming truth?  How might our influence in society change?    -Kirk Kirlin, author of “Leadership Courage and member of Novo Mission’s reFocusing Team  #leadership #courage #discipleship #LeadershipCourage #Jesus #Pastor