Evangelical Free Church: Brad Fogal

To Whom it May Concern,

With this letter I would like to endorse and recommend Kirk Kirlin with Church Resource Ministries.  While I had considered my won church to be basically healthy and growing, I was concerned that we had become a somewhat ‘ingrown’ body of believers, focused too much on simple ministry maintenance.  My desire was for us to go ‘beyond ourselves’ as a church family, making a greater impact for Christ in our immediate community.

I partnered with Kirk as our consultant and joined a ‘reFocusing Network’ of other pastors in our area who shared the same vision.  I have been so impressed with Kirk’s love for the Lord and His Church, along with his knowledge, experience, and professionalism in assisting and guiding us through the multifaceted process of what it means to be a strategically-focused and intentionally missional church.  His biblical approach and pastoral manner has made the ongoing journey an enriching and enjoyable adventure of faith!

In terms of character and integrity, Kirk communicates with the warmth of a pastor’s heart in a genuine love, concern, and sensitivity to the real needs of leaders.  He maintains a spiritual and social climate that encourages cooperation and mutual respect, while his enthusiastic and spontaneous joy and passion has made the whole process a real pleasure!

In terms of skills, I have found Kirk to be a very able communicator who is well organized, focused, and deeply committed to the most important thing: furthering God’s kingdom in God’s way!  Kirk is more than proficient and knowledgeable in understanding the intricacies of how churches grow in and through the development of godly leadership who in turn multiply true followers of Jesus Christ.

I would recommend Kirk Kirlin without reservation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (949) 292-7461


Pastor Brad Fogal                                                                           Foothills Evangelical Free Church                                                               Rancho Santa Margarita, California