The Long View (part two)

We’re considering the importance of sustained commitment; commitment to vision borne of God though impossible to be actualized in the here and now. Our example is the Duomo di Firenze: an architect’s vision of a majestic cathedral with a dome so immense that it could not have been built when he conceived it. At 142 […]

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The Long View (part one)

As a coach to pastors and Christian influencers, I’m sometimes surprised at the vacillating commitment of we who claim to be Christ’s.  I completely understand that life gets tough … so much so that, at times, I want to tear the hair from my head. What I struggle to appreciate is the apparent over-arching power

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Committed Action (part two)

Imagine the impact on the United States if Christians here were known – first of all — for being people of action.  When you read the New Testament, you see Jesus in action much of the time.  So much so that when he drew away for prayer, reflection, and rest—it was noteworthy.  But, most sermons

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Repentance that lasts a lifetime (part three)

For several installments, we’ve been considering the motivation that is common to human beings—to look good, feel good, be right, and be in control—yet largely goes unexamined.  Then, contemplating what to do about it, we’ve been examining repentance. Repentance that sticks.  In my coaching practice, not uncommonly our focus turns to patterns in the pastor’s

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Repentance that lasts a lifetime (part two)

Buried in the archaic curiosity of the King James translation is a gem: “…godly sorrow worketh repentance … not to be repented of…”. [2 Cor 7:10] Repentance that sticks. Consider that when God sorrows, it’s not the self-serving, feeling-sorry-for-myself kind of sorrow that leads to death.  God sorrows for others. There’s the key to deep

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Repentance that Lasts a Lifetime (part one)

I thank God for the gift of repentance. For the provision in the atonement, of forgiveness, cleansing, and restoration of relationship when I do.  What’s troubled me, though, is how often I seem to be “returning to the well”: asking forgiveness over and over again for the same things. What about you? Since “repentance” means

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The Formidable Four (part four)

When someone behaves in ways that don’t seem to make sense it’s usually due to one of the “formidable four” motivators: looking good, feeling good, being right, or, today’s focus: being in control. The older I get the more sure I am that it is impossible to control anyone … other than myself. And, controlling

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The Formidable Four (part two)

It’s true. You never do anything for no reason. So, whether you’re coaching yourself or someone else, it’s helpful to dig to discover what actually motivated apparently incomprehensible behavior. Four basic motivations are often at the root of such actions. I call them the formidable four. Looking good. Feeling good. Being right. Being in control.

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