Credentials & Qualifications

Certified by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach,  I am a graduate of the Core Coaching Skills (Training Course) Certificate Program provide by Dr. Keith E. Webb and Creative Results Management.  Over the last few years, I’ve logged nearly 1,000 hours of ministry coaching, primarily to Senior Pastors and Denominational Executives in more than a dozen US denominations.

I received a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California in 1997.  My specialization was and is Christian Leadership Development.  It has been my privilege to study under, minister with, and be mentored by Dr. James Robert Clinton, Professor of Leadership, School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller.  I am greatly indebted to Dr. Clinton, particularly for his research of almost 1,500 biblical leaders, historical Christian leaders, and contemporary Christian leaders.  This research has produced groundbreaking discoveries of how God develops the character of leaders over a lifetime.

In 1979 I received the Masters in Business Administration degree from Harvard University There, I prepared for a general management career in small business.  While a student at HBS, I became a Christian and received an unmistakable “call” into ministry.  My business career, however, spanned almost two decades in the electronics and investment industries.

In 1997, I was ordained by the Association of Vineyard Churches, at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Newport Beach, California.  Before that, I served as an Associate Pastor helping to plant a Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Lafayette, Indiana.

1977 was the year I completed the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University In four years at Purdue, I held several key leadership posts in a number of student organizations.  Principal among them was the role as President of the campus leadership honorary.

I have benefited from the influence of the Association for Christian Character Development. ACCD provided extensive character and skills coaching and rigorous facilitator training for 5 years.  I am indebted to the coaches and staff of ACCD for much of my development as a catalytic Christian coach.

Since 2000 my principal focus is to work as a leadership coach and transformational change consultant to pastors and churches with Church Resource Ministries, Inc With more than 400 missionaries in 25 countries, CRM is committed to strengthening the leadership acumen of pastors and church planters for a vibrant, influential, missional church.  Much of the power of my coaching emerges from rich and deep life-on-life experience walking with Senior Pastors who are committed to become effective leaders of change in their congregations, systems, and communities.