Southern Baptist Church: Jay Schroder

To Whom It May Concern;

God has blessed and instructed me through Kirk’s coaching. I met Kirk as he facilitated instructing a group of pastors (myself included) through a curriculum to bring change to our churches from maintenance to mission. While I enjoyed that week of training and gained knowledgeable insight that has helped me in my pastorate, one of the best take-aways from that week was the establishment of an ongoing coaching relationship with Kirk.

Kirk matches the courage to boldly dig into my life, my personality, and my leadership with the awareness of my need for self-discovery in my learning. He is always willing to help me see further and deeper than I anticipate, but without dragging me ahead. Instead, with his curiosity intact, he probes the direction God is leading me. Kirk has helped me see my own blind spots as I struggle to grow in leadership, desire to see my church grow in mission, and as we all grow in character.

In addition to helping me become a better person, a better man, a better husband, and a better pastor, Kirk has also helped me become a better coach by sharing his skills and approaches with me. It is not uncommon for him to coach me through an “aha” moment and then for us to follow that up with a discussion about how I can best use the same coaching method. Being a young pastor in an established church, I have relied extensively on these coaching insights to develop the character of my leaders and parishioners.

If you have the courage to dig deeply into yourself in your desperation to further discern God’s will and you are seeking a travelling companion, I would recommend Kirk to you without reservation!

God Bless,

Jay Schroder
Pastor, CrossRoads Church
Bay Village, Ohio
April 21, 2011

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