Squared off to Bunt (part one)

In some sectors of the church today there’s great momentum, clarity of mission, risk-taking experimentation, courageous leadership, and fresh reliance on the Holy Spirit for direction, empowering, and transformation. Churches are breaking out of the attractional paradigm and are moving their ministry focus off their facilities and into the community where those who need Christ […]

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The Long View (part three)

How does a minister develop tenacity … particularly when the surrounding culture is increasingly committed to relieving tension—in the short run—without regard to the long term consequences? Tenacity is defined as the capacity to stick—like super glue—to one’s commitments.  The word comes from the Latin tenere which means “to hold”. In a culture that, over the

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The Invitation (part three)

We’re looking at distinctions employed coaching pastors and Christian influencers.  I hope coaches find these helpful with their clients. Pastors read this blog to more effectively lead those God’s entrusted to them. So, whether you’re a pastor, a coach to leaders, or both, this is for you. Christian ministers have a tricky leadership challenge. With

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The Game You’re In (part four)

A friend challenged me once: “Kirk, you think you’re planting tomatoes, but you’re harvesting beets. And, when you don’t get tomatoes, you just work harder and harder planting and watering and fertilizing those same seeds. Beet seeds.” Derek wasn’t taking about vegetables; he was taking about my marriage. Unwilling to examine the seed I’d been

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The Meaning we Make Up (part one)

We humans are peculiar.  We want so badly to make sense of life that we do a very insensible thing.  We make it up! What I mean is this.  When an event occurs—particularly if it’s surprising, we’re not content simply being surprised. No. We have to figure out what it means. The stronger your “TJ”

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Committed Action (part three)

Imagine the impact on the United States if Christians here were known – first of all — for being people of action.  Caution: activity does not equal effectiveness. Many Christians and churches are busy, busy, busy:  elders meetings, fellowships, teas, seminars, bible studies, retreats, revivals, accountability groups, small groups, home groups, growth groups, recovery groups…

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Compendium (part seven)

Leadership Courage Series # 41 The sixth leadership characteristic needed in the Church today is: Undermine the 80/20 Rule. 80/20 is another evidence that cowardice is thriving in much of the American Church. A week ago, my pastor announced that last year’s tithes and offerings – totaling more than $5 million – came from 15%

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