Which Will? (part six)

In many quarters of the Church, the contemporary understanding is that Christianity is lived in the passive voice. Wikipedia says: “the passive voice denotes the recipient of the action (the patient) rather than the performer (the agent).” The assumption is that the Christ-follower empties herself of all ambition and self-determination and simply waits, patiently, for […]

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Repentance that lasts a lifetime (part two)

Buried in the archaic curiosity of the King James translation is a gem: “…godly sorrow worketh repentance … not to be repented of…”. [2 Cor 7:10] Repentance that sticks. Consider that when God sorrows, it’s not the self-serving, feeling-sorry-for-myself kind of sorrow that leads to death.  God sorrows for others. There’s the key to deep

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Leadership Courage Series

#7: A Culture of Cowardice (part three) We’re seven segments into a series on Leadership Courage.  This is our third pass exposing a Culture of Cowardice that I believe has dominated much of the Church in North America.  I’ve confined my comments to North America because I have very little exposure to non-Western churches and

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