United Methodist Church: Dr. John E. Griswold

Kirk Kirlin has, for me, struck skillfully the sometimes delicate balance that belongs to a “coach”—avoiding counseling on one hand and consulting on the other—keeping continually to a path of curiosity, encouragement, and discovery. 

While I cannot say that I have always enjoyed his probing questions or his willingness to signal problematic features in my journey and then to wait, patiently and hopefully, for me to grapple with them.  I can say that I have never doubted that Kirk is deeply invested in my adventure and committed to my well-being.  Ever one of our sessions has been beneficial for me.

I have no idea, yet, whether I will “succeed” in the engagement in which Kirk is my coach.  I am supremely confident, however, that I will be glad to have experienced the work.  Kirk has been the right coach for me at the right time.  I don’t know that such a rare match would develop for everyone in every circumstance. 

I’ve known Kirk to step back to make room for my moments of discovery; but I cannot imagine him being involved only halfway. I think he really enjoys the moments of discovery we share, even though he has probably seen very similar moments in the lives of a many other people.

I offer the highest recommendation I can: Kirk has preserved a safe place of learning important enough to me—in the busyness and brokenness of the world—that I want to develop coaching skills and gifts.

If you are willing engage life with new or renewed intensity, I suggest that Kirk Kirlin probably belongs on the very best sort list of coaches you could consider.

John E. Griswold, ThD                                                                                                                                                                           Pastor, Hollywood Hills United Methodist Church                                                                                                           Hollywood, Florida                                                                                                                                                                                         26 July 2007