Question: What has dominated the practice and priorities of Christian leadership, almost universally, since the Reformation?

Answer: Religious educators who teach and teach and teach the saints who sit and sit and sit while they learn and learn and learn.

Question: What’s missing?

Answer: The saints ministering. The body maturing. Every part working. [Ephesians 4:1-13]

Now here’s a shock. What if the culprit is not so much the lethargy of the laity but the focus and function of the clergy? See, Christ himself gave apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teaching gifts to equip his Church for maturity and ministry.

Yet, since the Enlightenment, seminary is the route to ministry for most. What do our seminaries produce? The answer is an overwhelming super-abundance of pastor-teachers.




-Kirk Kirlin, Leadership Courage more at

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