What if your church staff became trainers, coaches, and equippers of the Saints [Ephesians 4:12] rather than event planners and show producers?

What experiences would support your people’s growth into maturity?

What skills would you be sure to have them practice? Perhaps you could give them drills in discerning God’s direction, praying for others effectively, and listening well?

What would you have them role play? Perhaps, you could instruct them to communicate parts of their Christ-story so as to connect with a variety of people in any number of life situations, to respond biblically to universal ethical and moral challenges, and to select appropriate scriptures that could support people facing common difficulties, life experiences, and perplexities?

What field trip experiences could be core to your disciple-making process? How could you have your people serve those outside the church who are culturally similar to them, volunteer with secular service organizations, and interview civic leaders [police officials, Mayor’s office, school administrators, YWCA director, city council members] about the true needs of neighboring residents?

How would you ensure that your people applied what you teach them when you do an education event? What pathways can you pave in advance of your weekend events so that every person can take action in line with their new learning?

Diverse colleagues sit in circle have fun talking on business training with coach, multiethnic workers discuss ideas engaged in educational meeting, employees involved in teambuilding activity

-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at www.KirlinCoaching.com/blog/


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