As senior pastor, elder, or lay leader, what can you do to undermine the 80/20 Rule in your congregation?

One: Think like a people-developer, not an entertainer of spectators.

Re-think why you’re in Christian ministry.

Decide to jettison the notion, promoted by almost three hundred years of post- enlightenment Church culture, that your role primarily is to educate and entertain church people.

Instead, become primarily a disciple-maker and maturity-provoker. When your purpose is to catalyze people to live like Jesus, so much of the activity that fills and frustrates your workweek will change.

Think about it.

What if your senior staff took 80% of the hours it devotes to preparing for and pulling off a slick service – an education and entertainment event – and dedicated that time to imagining ways to provoke Christ-likeness in your people?

-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at


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