Ever wondered how cults are successful getting a following despite their whacky teaching and bizarre priorities?

One reason is that they communicate clear and challenging expectations to their followers. Often, these are very rigorous requirements. Though the cults’ demands are frequently misguided and always theologically corrupt, people by the thousands “pony up” whatever is required.

Maybe the cult leaders abuse the scriptures that you avoid?

Still, Jesus said: “If anyone will come after me, he (or she) must take up their cross daily and follow me.” [Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34] Yet, such preaching is rarely heard in the namby-pamby, keep-them-coming-back Church of our day.

I wonder what prices we pay as a result. I wonder what prices America is paying. Don’t you?

-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at www.KirlinCoaching.com/blog/


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