Francis Frangipane asks in “The Three Battlegrounds:” “Is your love growing and becoming softer, brighter, more daring, and more visible? Or is it becoming more discriminating, more calculating, less vulnerable and less available? This is a very important issue, for your Christianity is only as real as your love is. A measurable decrease in your ability to love is evidence that a stronghold of cold love is developing within you.”

Paul, with all that was at stake in Corinth, shepherded his heart so that it remained wide open, and his affections so that they were not withheld from them.

So rigorously and generously did he give his heart to them that he was able to call them to reciprocate— his leverage coming from his having gone first! He called them to a “fair exchange” of affections.

–Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at


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