Because God is absolutely sovereign, nothing is “wrong” with my life. In fact, I have exactly the life I’m supposed to have. And, I’ve learned that my often disorderly, untidy life needs me.

More precisely, it needs Jesus.

Jesus is present when I bring all of me.

Dozens of times I’ve faced situations for which I had no solution. Each time, I’ve done my best to trust God and leap. And, God has always been there, in the midst of the difficulty, confusion, and pain.

When we are fully at stake, with our eyes wide open and yet we are still “all in,” we are inviting others in, as well. In fact, when our hearts are fully engaged, we exude an almost irresistible magnetism that pulls others to get in with us. We and those we inspire become fully alive.

The glory of God.

–Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at

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