It’s incumbent upon leaders in the Church to do what we know to be right. Because, when we don’t, we compromise ourselves. When you compromise your own integrity, you commit moral suicide.

When you fail to do what you know to be right, you immediately lose esteem for yourself. The antidote to low self-esteem is not the empty pumping up of those who live without integrity. It is to live a life that you yourself esteem. A life that you respect. To quote my friend Tom, you do what’s right.

One tragedy of Christian leadership in our day is that far too many suffer from this malady. Collapsing on what they know to be right, the erosion of esteem begins its inexorable advance.

Confidence is undermined. One collapse breeds another.

Compromised, the leader looks outside to determine direction. Like the politician taking cues from polling data, she’s straining to sense the political winds rather than standing on the moral certitude of doing the right thing.

The question is no longer “what is right?” but “what’ll work?” Adrift of one’s ethical moorings, the tragedies mount.

This is what passes for leadership in a culture of cowardice.


-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at

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