When Annie and I attended Rockharbor, Mike Erre was one of my favorite preachers. An amazing Bible expositor and communicator. Biblically-sound. Funny. Profound. Engaging. Illuminating. Winsome.

Then, a few years ago, a medical crisis befell someone very dear to Mike and Justina. A predicament from which there’s no recovery, apart from a miracle. Afterwards, I noticed that Mike’s preaching gained gravitas. Like Jesus, when the scholars marveled at his understanding [Luke 2:47] and demons quaked in his presence [Mark 5:7]. You could sense it when you were around Mike. This was a man who knew what it is to follow Jesus no matter what.

When you live in harmony with the Biblical message, you have gravitas. Weight. Substance. Authenticity.

So does your preaching.

And when you don’t live your message, your sermons are hollow. That hollowness drives folks away. The first to go are the true believers. The uncompromising. The bold. The spirited. The gutsy. The ones who read their Bibles and believe it says what it says and it means what it means.

These are the people who long for authenticity. Not theory. They want to associate with a faith community that will live this stuff – Jesus’ stuff – like it’s real.

Because it is. It is.


-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at www.KirlinCoaching.com/blog/

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