Pastor, those who write books, like those who traverse the Christian speaking circuit, don’t provide the regular proximity and access that you, as shepherd of a local congregation, do—unless you hide in your study and only emerge when it’s time to preach or take charge of a meeting.

Think about those words: proximity and access.

If the lyrics and music of your preaching and your life don’t align, those words will strike fear in you.

If, however, you’ve raised your way-of-living to match your preaching or aligned your preaching to that which you actually live, those words will resonate with your heart.

When your life is “Chamberlainian,” the dissonance between your life and the biblical message undercuts your effectiveness as a leader of God’s women and men.

When your living is “Churchillian” the bravery to which you call your congregation will remind them of the courage they see you routinely summon to bring God’s reign to the chaos and disorder that has besieged your community.


-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at

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