Pastor, innovate ways to involve most everyone, every time your church gathers.

A lot of people come to the church Annie and I attend. What if, routinely in our services, we grouped people and asked them to find someone in the group with whom they discover they have something in common, then turn that common ground into prayer?

What if our greeters grabbed the first ten strangers who walked in, and asked them to help greet our guests?

What if our ushers randomly asked people to help them?

What if our trained prayer team picked a handful of people to whom they gave one minute of prayer training, then had them come alongside and assist when praying for others?

What if every ministry team, the weekend before they do a local ministry, randomly asked people in the service to come and do it with them? What if they kept asking until 15 people agreed to come and help?

What if you made it clear that your church is a community where, from day one,

everyone gives.

Where everyone contributes.

Where everyone plays.

What if giving, contributing, and playing is actually how mature disciples are made?

-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at


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