The Christian life is to be an adventure of trusting God and taking leaps of obedience. Yet, the behavior of most American churches would have you believe these accounts were biblical:

Jesus is about to send the disciples out two-by-two. He cautions them: “Be sure you take plenty of money with you and arrange your lodging well in advance. When you enter a new village, if they’re happy you’re there, stay briefly, so you don’t wear out your welcome. And, if there’s any resistance at all, leave quickly and quietly. For goodness sake, don’t stir anything up!”

Picture Peter and John hurrying to the temple past a disabled person who is begging. They avoid eye contact and, as they pass, simply shrug their shoulders. One is overheard telling the other: “So sad that the authorities don’t take care of the indigent, isn’t it?”

Imagine that the disciples are attempting to cross the Galilee with Jesus asleep below deck. Ever cautious, they hug the shore just in case a squall appears. Sure enough, a storm does arise! Alarmed, they awaken Jesus who screams out in terror: “Quick, hand me a lifejacket! We’ve got to get to shore right away! These waves will probably capsize us! We must never travel by boat again. It is just too dangerous!”

-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at

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