As it is with any adventure, Pastor, there is always the possibility of failure, loss, injury, embarrassment, being mistaken, and getting hurt.

The Church today seems to have so little tolerance for the latter that it’s unwilling to engage the former. And, this reality is absolutely stunning in light of the Biblical record. The Christian life is anything but safe, cautious, predictable, measured, and reasonable. Everywhere in the Bible, those who followed God were adventurers.

By contrast, imagine this scene: more than 5,000 have come out to the wilderness to hear Jesus speak. Eventually it dawns on the disciples that if the crowds don’t get something to eat, some will grow faint, maybe ill. When Jesus sees that all they have on hand is five loaves and two fish, he pats the young boy on the head and exclaims: “Oh my gosh! We have to shut this meeting down right now so everyone can get home to eat and rest. From now on, we must hold these gatherings where people can get plenty of nourishing food, refreshments and medical services. Let’s be sure to schedule plenty of breaks so people don’t overextend themselves.”

-Kirk Kirlin, from the book “Leadership Courage,” more at

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