Pastors, Christian leaders, and church planters’ dreams can so easily be crushed by the suffocating distress of those they thought they were called to lead. Leadership Courage is a focused, fresh, and do-able application of the brilliance of Edwin Friedman to local church leadership in a context of anxiety.

In a time when timidity and disquiet seem epidemic in both American and American Church culture, nine principle of courageous leadership point the way for those who influence others.

Illustrated through the lives of Jesus and the Apostle Paul, Friedman’s timeless insights illuminate a way of being for key influencers, particularly in the Church.

Leadership Courage is not theory; this is a book about the real issues of leadership: character, inner fortitude, courage, and identity. For those walking through the fires of life and leadership, this book will be a forge that helps shape your soul.

Over more than twenty years as a leadership and character coach to pastors, planters, business and denominational executives, the author has honed, tested, and proved these principles, postures, and practices. Readers will benefit from personal reflection and small group discussion questions that support the immediate application of each chapter’s distinctions.

This is a must read for everyone who isn’t satisfied being on the banks of the promised land but is ready to lead yourself, your family, and your church courageously into all God has promised you.

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