Caretaking is not leadership.

A constituency that is developmentally infantilized requires that a clergyperson do little more than immerse one’s finger in the mouth, stick it up in the breeze, and move in the path of least resistance.

This, according to Edwin Friedman, will be to accommodate the low frustration tolerance of the developmentally regressed. To do this, all pastors need is to answer their emails or phone.

A leader who remains resolute in pursuit of a cause greater than the good feelings of the congregation – for example, the maturation of the disciples and the mobilization of the membership for ministry to those outside – is often seen as heartless, unresponsive, deaf to the cries of the downtrodden, and out of touch with the “real people” within.

Emotionally and spiritually emaciated church members have no stomach for a real leader…like Christ.

–Kirk Kirlin, Leadership Courage more at

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