A culture of cowardice is toxic to courageous, well-differentiated leadership.

So acute is American culture’s abhorrence of discomfort that it knee-jerks its way from one perceived threat to another, clamoring for instantaneous relief from ministers who are pulled in all directions at once. While a pastor may have begun serving a church with a clear sense of mission, in short order that mission is subordinated by the demand that the “emergency of the moment” be averted with all haste.

Ministers then, instead of challenging the congregation to maturity and to take important new ground in strengthening their intimacy with, and dependence on the Lord Jesus, become consumed with smoothing out the never-ending ruffled feathers of the flock.

To awaken the Church, her leaders must first rouse themselves. Then, embracing the

opportunity provided by this life, they can stand clearly, decisively, and disruptively to awaken their churches to enter the glorious and dangerous fight for the redemption of the unchurched near them.

What else would a courageous Christian do?

–Kirk Kirlin, Leadership Courage more at www.KirlinCoaching.com/blog/


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