The pressure within church for togetherness smothers bold, daring, world-changing action – like we see in the Book of Acts – and those who are courageous enough to engage it.

I’m not one to sentimentalize the “early church.” The early church had its own problems, and we have ours. But scripture describes a Church that was strong, courageous, bold, and risk-taking.

Do you see this kind of fervor in the average church-goer today? What has emerged is a church culture that is so nice, and so fixated on empathy that it organizes itself around the most immature, most dependent, most dysfunctional members.

Who has hijacked the agenda in most of America’s churches?

In my experience working with hundreds of church leaders from across the denominational spectrum, I’ve found that the least courageous, least responsible, and least emotionally and spiritually mature are often the ones who have taken most churches captive.


–Kirk Kirlin, Leadership Courage more at

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