The prophetic grace brings clarity when the church and her leaders wobble and wander. The prophetic brings courageous correction. It is the scalpel that cuts between the diseased and the healthy tissue around it. It provides a clear word from God (or from God’s Word) when the Church is blurring the lines of biblical acuity.

So, what becomes of the Church when the prophetic is marginalized?

You get an indistinct, mushy, shallow, and disingenuously “nice” message week after week. The trumpet blows a vague, indistinguishable, uncertain sound. [I Corinthians 14:8]

And where there’s no prophetic voice, there’s no distinctively Christian lifestyle either.

Sin can thrive in an atmosphere like that.

And, it does.

Doesn’t it?

–Kirk Kirlin, Leadership Courage more at


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