Pastor, can you remember the thirst you once had to learn to preach, lead a staff, or work well with elders and trustees? When you had no idea what to do, you were motivated to stretch, to risk, to try as-yet unproven approaches, and when they failed, you learned from them. You stayed close enough to people that they “got” your heart. Because you did they trusted you as you and they experimented together.

But now, years of decades later, you’ve found ways to avoid the riskiness of your early ministry. You’ve erected well-identified “guardrails” on your ministry. Staying safely within the rails, much of ministry flows according to plan. Of course, there are always those outliers, when people you assumed were mature and dependable prove to be anything but. Yet, aside from the occasional meltdown by a volunteer, ministry is predictable. And achingly uninspiring!

Imagine becoming a spiritual provocateur—like Jesus was—in your ministry context. What if you challenged your people the way He challenged His?

Why wouldn’t you?


-Kirk Kirlin, Leadership Courage more at

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