American society thinks they’ve heard enough Christians—people they’ve decided are rigid, judgmental, hypocritical bigots. And, since we’ve reduced Christian ministry to explanation and oration, we keep trying to teachthem the right way to think, believe, and act.


Did Jesus do it this way?Consider the Campaign of Nain[Luke 7:11-17] Jesus approaches the town and sees a funeral procession. A widow is broken over the death of her child. People are in despair.What does Jesus do?As he sizes up the situation, his heart goes out to her. He walks up, touches the casket, raises the boy to life, and hands him to his mother.


That’s it!No altar call.No self-promotion.No advertisement about next Sunday’s meeting. Jesus doesn’t tell them to do anything. Jesus brings the Kingdom and because he does, people are blessed. He is a messenger of good. An “ev-angel.”


And they all get it.Their conclusion is stunning: “God has come to help his people.” [Luke 7:16] Is that what people conclude when you and I come to town?  -Kirk Kirlin, Leadership Courage

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