The Precision of Vision (part nine)

As a leader, the clearer you become—about who you are and what you’re for—the clearer those around you become.

Problem is: we don’t always like what that clarity reveals.

We should.

Imagine leading a ministry which such clear focus and purpose that everyone is aligned behind the vision. Where everyone’s energy is invested in pursuit of the ministry’s goals.

You can.


repel 10It will cost you lots of people.


Being laser-focused about your church’s purpose will drive off everyone who wants something inconsequential, self-centered, and puny.

Everyone who wants something else

That’s good.

Very, very good.

Focused vision will attract exactly those who want that kind of church. Who’ll give themselves to have it happen.

attract 10Willingly locking arms and shields with you to see it come to pass.

Who are “up” for the sacrifice to accomplish something noble and God-honoring…something great with their lives.

Just ask the founding families at Willow Creek, Saddleback, YoungLife or any ministry that’s significantly advanced God’s Kingdom in this country.

You’ll hear about the precision of vision that called them to invest deeply, passionately, wholly in it.

Take up your cross every day in pursuit of me. [Lk 9:23]

If you don’t give up everything you have, you won’t be my disciple. [Lk 14:33]

Follow me and I’ll change everything about the way you live. [Lk 5:10]

Jesus’ was not some puny, inconsequential invitation to a happy, challenge-free life.

He called women and men to greatness: to God-honoring exploits that people would marvel at [Jn 14:12] and, as a result, honor God alone. [1 Pt 2:12, Mt 5:16]

Vision—true vision, God-authored vision—calls people to live great Kingdom-advancing lives.

Nothing less.

Most don’t want it … they’ll flee.

determination 10But those who remain, those who’re drawn to such a daunting, clarion call of vision will love it, will give themselves to it, will spend their lives and energies seeing it realized.

Glory to God!






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KRK 4/25/2015