Effective leaders cast vision people want to get behind. It’s not because the leader is so personally powerful or so uncommonly clairvoyant that catapults people to enthusiastically carry the vision. [I Cor 2:1-4]


It’s because the vision is what they wanted.

They may not have seen a way for it to be realized. They may not have language to express the longings in their hearts. They may’ve been unaware of their yearnings for these same things. But, as they hear the articulation of the vision, it springs to life within them.

Dormant no more.

JRW 6For me, this happened with John Wimber. Leading the Vineyard movement, John described a church where “everyone played”.

Where “doing the stuff” of ministry wasn’t a privilege reserved for the paid clergy. [Eph 4:11-12]

Where the point was not growing the size of your particular congregation but advancing Jesus’ influence outside—in the community. The works of God on display alongside the Word of God. [Mk 16:20] And where we always, always cared for the poor. [Gal 2:10, Acts 3:6]

I wanted that!

My heart leapt when I sat in Jim Bristow’s living room hearing that chubby, bearded man open scripture and talk this way for the first time.

I felt I had always wanted that.

I always believed the Church should be like that. But, I had never, ever put words to it before. John’s vision (the red) and my vision (the yellow) overlapped (the orange), and it was game on!

overlap 6

It happened again when a since-discredited “prophet” from Kansas City Fellowship described sports arenas teeming with people being released from oppression, illness, disease. Lk 10:19] He called the throng of anonymous healers a “faceless generation”.

These were Christians who kept pointing people to Jesus. [Jn 14:6] Never to themselves, their churches, ministries, or denominations. [Phil 2:3-4] A multitude of believers so captured by the love of Christ, and so competent in liberating captives, healing diseases, and raising the dead that the miraculous happened routinely, almost naturally, free of commercialization and aggrandizement. [Jn 14:12]

That’s exactly what I wanted to be: A Christian doing the works of Christ in the world. Nothing more or less. [Mt 10:8]

I didn’t know I wanted it until I heard it. But then, I realized that I’d always wanted to be a part of that company. That caliber of person. That effective in the furthering cause of Christ. That damaging to the powers of darkness that tyrannize so many all around us.

God, I believe, embedded that vision deep in my heart.

I wonder if it’s in yours, as well.

To access it, you may have to suspend fear, rationalism, and the limitations of what you’ve believed is and isn’t possible…[Mk 9:23]

Christian leadership should be the most exciting, compelling, world-changing enterprise on the planet. [Acts 17:6] Embracing and communicating God’s intentionfor the Church, and because of it, for the waiting world.