You’ll only effectively lead others where your vision and theirs coincide.

Since this is true, it is incumbent upon leaders to do three things well, as it relates to vision.

1)    Get clear about God’s call to you and the vision for a preferable future that will result if God has his way. Vision has a way of unfolding as you obey what God has revealed. Like Abraham leaving Ur [Gen 12:1] and Peter leaving the fishing boat [Mt 14:29], God will call you to take a step – without revealing anything more. There’s no following God without risk…trust…faith.

Christian discipleship is a life of faith. Quit trying to rid The Faith of faith. Trusting God is central to the lifestyle of a Christ-follower.

If you wait for God to make every detail clear, you’ll never move, you’ll never act, you’ll never share. Vision is the end point; a word picture describing the impact God desires to make through you and your congregation. Consider who is impacted and in what ways they benefit, because Jesus’ Kingdom has come near them.

crafting message 52)    Work diligently on your communication, so it’s clear and compelling. A vision worthy of the lives of women and men will generate followership and resources.

You’ll need a handful of communication devices—analogies, stories, similes, and examples to keep the vision real, tangible, and accessible to your people.

You’ll have to share the vision so often, in so many contexts, and in so many ways that you’ll tire of saying it long before people understand it well enough to embrace it as their own.

You hear yourself repeat it every time—but nobody else does! And those who hear you share the vision are actually hearing—not you—but what they are saying in their heads about what you’re saying.

Creative repetition is essential!

3)    When you share vision watch how people respond.

body language 5Read body language. Watch faces.

Ask for feedback. What did people hear? What about the vision excites them, challenges them, concerns them? Have them describe the impact they believe God wants to have in the city. Listen generously. What can you agree with?

Who’s with you? Who wants what you believe God wants?

These are the ones you get to lead.

Don’t worry about convincing others. Be content to lead those who want to go where you’re headed. Who want to see that impact occur. As you do, others will discover they want it too.