83 To BeAs a sincere Christ-follower it’s easy to develop a convoluted relationship with striving, with industriousness, and with determined, diligent labor. On the one hand, we aspire to live peacefully [Rom 12:18], to be unfazed amid difficulty [Jn 14:27], and to enter into God’s rest [Heb 4:1].

And, on the other hand we struggle against sin [Heb 12:4], agonize to enter the Kingdom [Lk 13:24], and strive for mastery in the Christian life [2 Tim 2:5].

I’ll be honest. I’ve never fit into the “let go and let God” crowd. Just seems irresponsible. 83 let go

And, many times God has me in situations where I can’t do anything to rescue myself. All I can do is trust Christ and embrace my powerlessness.

Over a decade ago I attended a powerful character development workshop that transfromed my understanding of and relationship with doing. Let me share it with you.

The transformation hinges on the fundamental ways you understand yourself. Shift this understanding, and much about your relationship with doing will shift…radically. I say “relationship with doing” because each of us has one. Just like your relationship with a sister or cousin, you relate to doing in specific ways. For many of us, they’re not helpful.

The relationship is revealed in the way most of us approach any goal, obstacle, or desire. Someone asks what you want to be when you grow up. Oh, a doctor. Well then, you should…get great grades, go to medical school, pass your boards, and get hired by a top hospital.

83 S550To be successful I need to start a company, make loads of money, have an estate on the water, a gorgeous wife,  and an S-550.

To be beautiful, go to the gym and the plastic surgeon, get a perfect face and body.

Think of it as an equation: DO > HAVE > BE.

DO go to school, HAVE your Juris Doctor and pass the bar, BE an attorney.

DO dig wells in Kenya, HAVE the esteem of friends and family, BE a good person.

DO get ripped abs (and hair implants), HAVE a great body, BE attractive.

DO perfect your preaching, HAVE a large congregation, BE a successful pastor.

DO gather 400 to your High School ministry, HAVE the biggest youth group in town, BE somebody.

DO launch a radio ministry, HAVE airtime on hundreds of radio stations, BE an international sensation.

What’s the alternative?





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