We’re examining a powerful reality of human interaction: whenever you are with somebody, you are causing an experience for them. The great news: you can choose, in advance, the experience you are committed to cause with them!

You can decide, in advance, what you want your congregation to experience this weekend. Yes, the content of your message is influential—but so is your mood, your tone, your attitude, and the context that’s created for the encounter you and they have together.

Last time, I told you about a Delta gate agent. Her way of being with me was so positive, so hopeful, so empathetic that I experienced peace, confidence, assurance, and value even as a mechanical problem waylaid my travel plans.56 Chase

Two of my kids use Chase Bank. I don’t, but I’m beginning to wish I did. My bank does all the conventional banking things. They are polite, competent people. The branches are adequate in every way. Walk in, fill out a deposit slip, wait in line for a teller, and get your banking done.

In an Orange County Chase branch several people welcome you as you come through the door.  Somebody’s on the floor to ascertain what you need and direct you to get it done. If a teller is free, she’ll call out: “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll fill that out for you!” as you reach for a transaction slip. The mechanics of banking is virtually the same as at my bank, but Chase’ people go out of their way to make sure I know they’re glad I visited. All this creates an experience of being valued, important, almost … celebrated.

Chase has decided in advance the experience they want to cause, and they give themselves in such a way that it happens, over and over, hundreds of times a day.56 Coaching

I am committed to cause my coaching clients to experience clarity, courage, and confidence in who God has designed them to be.

So, in dozens of subtle and overt ways, I give myself to them to have it happen.

I watch them to know whether it’s occurring, and if not, I keep changing my way of being with them until it does.

Since each coaching client is different, my way of being with each one varies.

56 Brandon What doesn’t vary much is the experience they have.

Each fall, I hold a ministry fundraiser essential to the financial viability of the ministry I do.  Each time, three clients will talk about the impact of the ministry on their lives, their churches, and their communities.

It is amazing, humbling, and gratifying to hear how similarly each describes the clarity of calling and the courage and confidence they have to pursue what God has called them to.

That’s the experience I’m committed to cause with them.



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