The concept we’re examining is being an invitation.

Everyone you’ve ever met is an invitation.

So are you.

For pastors and Christian influencers it’s a great advantage to determine: what is the invitation that you will be, from now on. In other words, what do you intend to invite?

The clearer you are, the more effective you’ll be making the difference God made you for. And, clarity about why God made you is the best way to determine what to invite. 

If you’re in ministry, you get to bring people to maturity in Christ. It’s one of the very few most important things that ministers get to do.

Many of us don’t do it so well.

Have you noticed that Christians in the US live statistically indistinct lives?

While we’re more generous with our time and money, we also cheat, divorce, declare bankruptcy, commit adultery, sue people, and get arrested about as often as the general population.

Pastors often lament shallowness in their congregations. No surprise that many have confused growing people to mature Christ-likeness with teaching them religious ideas.

The invitation seems to be “come and listen”.

Were pastors an intentional, unmistakable invitation to grow up in Christ, much would change.

Churches, for example, would be smaller.

For a while, anyway.

And they’d be more godly, fruitful, distinctive, and influential in society.

Could America benefit from more of that?

Let yourself imagine what will happen if we don’t.

Pastor, if you’re in the disciple-maturing business, I invite you to become an invitation to thatWith seasoned church members and your next-door neighbor be an invitation to grow up in Christ.

Oh, and start with you.

It’s a lot easier to invite people into the game you’re already in. To join you in what you’re fully invested in. It’s so much more effective to invite people into what you’re living and modeling for them. It’s authentic. Sincere.

Look for openings to provoke those around you to live and love like Jesus. Openings like this happen all the time—when difficulties loom, distress surrounds, and discouragements reign…and when beauty overtakes, blessings mount, and goodness prevails.

Let this be the invitation at your weekend services, youth group, men’s breakfasts, women’s retreat, recovery ministry, and home groups. As you and your leaders get more and more clear about the invitation you are, the clearer those around you will become.

And, in this hour, that’s a good, good thing.



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