A few weeks ago, while pondering what you’ve been reading, Annie and I were in church. As we sang: “I’m coming back to the heart of worship; and it’s all about you, all about you, Jesus.  I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it, when it’s all about you…”

The phrase “…the thing I made it…” speaks to the meaning we make up.

At the church Matt Redman attends, it became clear that worship had taken on a meaning that was troubling the pastor. So, he scrapped the band, the instruments, and the sophisticated production and called the congregation to return to the simplicity and focus at the heart of worship: adoration of the Savior.

Mike Pilavachi, Matt’s pastor, challenged his church to examine the meaning they’d made up about worship and, instead, apply a scriptural meaning.  The beautiful anthem I sang a week ago was birthed in Mike’s challenge.

So, let me ask you: What meaning have you given to worship?

Pastor, when you conduct your services this weekend will you be entertaining people, providing religious education, and collecting money? Or, will you be provoking your people to maturity in Christ, equipping them to live as ministers, and enrolling them to serve in the community?

What do your services mean?

What does all the activity mean? 

What meaning have your elders assigned to themselves?

When they meet, what do they think it’s for?

What meaning have they attached to their “elder-ing”?

Christian, what meaning have you made up for yourself?

Why is it that you’re breathing?

When you’re at work— why are you there?  In addition to making a living, what do you think you’re doing there, all those days?

Have you considered God’s meaning for your being at that specific job, with those specific people, as this unique moment in history?

See, the meaning you make up has everything to do with how you carry yourself in each of life’s settings.

Doesn’t it?

I remember a unique season in my life, immediately following an unusually powerful seminar Annie and I attended. The speaker somehow convinced me to live with the expectation that God was afoot; that God would use me everywhere I went. All I had to do was to be prayerful, expectant, and watchful.

Know what?  For the next eighteen months every day was an exciting surprise.  I found myself doing all kinds of ministry. Almost every day I had the opportunity to pray for someone, speak with a co-worker about Christ, or encourage a stranger about God’s care and love.

The meaning? Life’s an opportunity to enter the continual flow of ministry that God is already doing.

Isn’t it?

Coaching Distinctions #26

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