Last time, I introduced the phrase: Throw your body into the middle of the room and see what God does with it.  Let me clarify.

When you’re surprised by life and find yourself frozen in uncertainty, the pervading impulse is to stop.




Trouble is, often life’s reality won’t give you the luxury of opting out.  Action is required—and it’s the last thing you want to do.

So, while my brain is screaming: “Stop!”  “Wait!”  “Protect yourself.” “Stay safe.” another option appears: Kirk, throw your body into the middle of the room…

Trust God and leap into the chaos.

I imagine myself picking my body up and – literally – heaving it into the midst of whatever it is that has stymied my brain.  It’s a decision of my will – my heart – overriding the cautioning calculations of my head.

Once I’m there, in the middle of all that mess, God seems to show up.  Options appear.  Resources seem to arise.  And, maybe best of all, I’m 100% alive and awake looking for God to step in.

Driving home from work, I come upon an accident. It’s just occurred.  Broken glass, twisted metal, a stunned, vulnerable fellow amid the wreckage.  I leap toward his car… An hour later the police have left.  He and I are talking about Jesus who has preserved this young man’s life… I’ve thrown myself into the middle of the room.

We’re in Washington, DC touring with our young sons. The hotel room phone rings and I learn that my brother Glen, on a short-term mission trip in Irian Jaya, is dead.  Malaria.  We didn’t even know he’d been sick…

Without hesitation, I book a flight to tell my sister and parents the horrible, terrible news.  They must hear it in person.  I am the one to tell them.  I throw myself into the middle of the room, trusting that God will be there in the brutal, painful hours that must follow. 

Our word crisis comes from the Greek.  It means “to decide”.  In moments of crisis you are thrust into conditions where you must decide—right away.  To hesitate is to decide.  Not to decide is a decision.  Each has repercussions.

All through life you are training yourself, preparing yourself for an uncertain future. 

It can be no other way.

Practice throwing yourself into the middle of the room.  The more you do, the more effective you’ll be when you don’t have the luxury to sit and wonder and weigh and ponder.